Purifying and recycling industrial water.





Grönska is an end-to-end company revolutionizing food production by developing technology for vertical farming and producing city grown vegetables and herbs. Last year Grönska was the first company to sell a vertically farmed product on the Swedish consumer market and was awarded with the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship. Driven by a vision of a more sustainable food consumption, the goal of Grönska is to produce locally grown food on a large scale.


Urban Green
Urbangreen is the leading nordic developer of the multi-functional vegetation in urban environments.  With systems for green roofs, green facades and other vegetation products in our portfolio we are your partner for a sustainable future.

Climate-free laundry without chemicals. SWATAB’s products are designed to allow you to wash textiles without using chemicals. This contributes to better health and a better environment. DIRO® has approved cleaning effect according to EU Ecolabel’s laundry detergent tests. DIRO® is also 100% allergy free and the water is temperature independent.


Orbital Systems 
Orbital System has developed a shower system that saves up to 90 percent water and 80 percent energy. The environmental technology company and the company’s CEO and founder, Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, have been awarded a number of prestigious awards over the years.




NGL Stainless
NGL installs and develops ecofriendly products for water and energy savings. NGL is one of the largest in Sweden carrying out installation of water saving equipment and is now growing, even within the overall energy saving sector. NGL Stainless is manufactured entirely in stainless steel and has several ecofunctions that saves both water and energy.