Subscription for mobility. More convenient than owning a car.


Uniti is an agile electric vehicle optimised for energy and resource efficiency, safety, and manufacturing scalability. It´s a light-weight electric city car made from composite materials and the vehicle platform has been redesigned for modern usage patterns and the era of autonomous electric mobility.


Qlocx is creating the home delivery system of the future, which will make deliveries as simple and convenient as they should be.

Transport solutions for tomorrow. Vehicles designed for connectivity and mobility services.


Greater Than
Disruptive car insurance. Pay as you drive in real time. WWF Climate solver 2017. The first car insurance that reward and incentivise people to drive less, more eco-friendly and safer.


Mindconnect focuses on working with real-time big data and spatial analytics. By specializing on urban city traffic, Mindconnect provides the Location-based service platform CityFlow, to provide underlying data to enable efficient mobility solutions and allow vehicle fleets to operate with higher utilization.


Freelway is a digital platform for ride sharing within organisations, sharing taxis, public transport, call-controlled public transport and smart public transport in rural areas.