In modern cities there are enough thermal energy flows generated by human activity to provide the base for both heating and cooling of the entire city. By connecting buildings with different needs and balancing residual thermal energy flows between them, ectogrid™ effectively uses and reuses all available thermal energy and makes it possible to decrease both pollution and the energy consumption in a city. This is a revolution that will help us fight climate change and transform the energy market.


Next generation geothermal energy from deep drill holes. Locally produced renewable energy for heating, cooling and electricity.



Green energy from rice husk or straw made into pellets.



CERO is a transparent and easy to manage framework developed to assist companies and organizations in reaching climate travel targets in consistency with economic payoff and employee acceptance. CERO is developed in doctoral research and is now implemented in more than 80 organisations.



Solelia Greentech has specialized in developing and operating solar electricity services with a focus on applications where solar electricity will create maximum value added beyond the use of other types of electricity. To date, Solelia Greentech has primarily concentrated on services for charging electrical vehicles with solar electricity.


Developer and supplier of high-tech systems for cost efficient pre-treatment of biomass for use in heat and power generation, conversion to liquid fuels and production of green chemicals.


EpSpot makes the property’s electricity available to employees or tenants regardless of the type of outlet and at the lowest possible cost.



Floating off-shore wind power with multiple turbins.



TermoDeck® is an energy efficient solution that heat and cool the building via thermal energy storage.




Ecoclime has developed and offers new energy systems with climate collectors for energy storage and recycling of waste water. Systems that can be used in real estate for hot water and heat supply.


The Climeon Heat Power system generates clean electricity from waste heat. More than 50% of all the world’s energy is lost as low temperature heat. Most of it is dumped into our oceans or into our atmosphere through chimneys of production sites. Climeon has developed a technology that turns all these types of heat into valuable clean electricity.


Ferroamp has developed new technology for energy and power optimization. A scalable and flexible system that solves the power challenge with electric car charging, integrates solar and energy storage into one and the same system, as well as measures and visualizes the electricity usage in the property. Ferroamp won the EEA Award in 2016, called the “Nobel Prize in Energy Storage” in competition with the entire world’s technology company.


The Solarus PowerCollector™ is a concentrating, hybrid solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panel. Concentrating means that it has a curved mirror to collect and reflect more sunlight throughout the day. Hybrid means that it combines solar photovoltaic generation of electricity with solar thermal generation heat. Compared with traditional PV panels, it is capable of producing four times more power per installed surface area.


3eflow has developed a solution that means that the hot water pipes are empty when not in use. When the tap opens then the hot water comes straight away. In addition to reduced energy demand, increased comfort and lower water consumption, 3eflow helps reduce the risk of dangerous legionella bacteria. It also enables cost-effective individual measurement and safer water installations.


SaltX is a technology development company that has proprietary and patented technology to store energy in different types of salts. The stored energy can be used for several energy-efficient applications, such as EnerStore, a compact and cost-effective energy storage.



Watty is a Swedish AI energy company that allows consumers to keep track of their household appliances and how they are used. Watty builds real-time next-generation energy monitoring for the home. In 2016 Watty took in € 3M from EQT Ventures and Cleantech Invest.


Nano particle separators used for the purification of particulate contaminated air or for remediation in different environments with dust, dust, soot or particles that are difficult to handle and which may cause health problems in the form of silicosis, asbestos and lung cancer. Turns primarily to construction, mining, paper, coal and chemical industry.


A concentrated solar power solution in combination with a new technology for thermal energy Storage.





Active Elements cools and heats any building, community or city with less energy through an ecosystem of products connected by a patented distribution system.



Lighter and stronger steel profile structures to save energy.



OrganoWood has a technology that is based on scientific breakthroughs in methods of modifying biofibers and treating wood. Silicon is bonded to wood fibers under high pressure, which creates a physical barrier that prevents fungi from eating the timber. The treated wood is water repellent, gives higher form stability, limiting the risks of splitting as well as surface growth and making the wood easier to clean.



Trifilon develops and supplies the world’s best biocomposites – making products stronger, lighter and greener.




ChromoGenics is a leader in dynamic glass with controllable heat and light emitting. The company’s unique electrochromic technology, ConverLight ™, provides durable sun protection with increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency.


Nibe heat pumps for smart homes and peakshaving. Suitable for thermal storage and equipped with an advanced controller. Will bring improvements in comfort, environment and economy, based on both internal and external demand patterns.


EnReduce® has a unique ability to calculate the amount of energy stored in a building. The process takes place 24 hours a day, providing a consistent and comfortable indoor climate and a reduced energy consumption.


Waren delivers custom solutions for active fluid treatment in energy and climate engineering systems. The result is maximum energy transfer, minimal maintenance and maximum function. Waren is frame contract supplier to Sinfra, formerly Värmek, 2015 “Excellent Sustainable Providers” according to the Swedish Competition Authority.


Nilar batteries are safe and reliable with high power and a bi-polar battery technology ready for a modular system design. It is fully recyclable with quality assurance from battery cell to functional system and has a long service life.


Evothings Labs – Mobile services and application supporting IoT and a Smarter society. Evothings helps developers making apps for connected devices.




Willy’s Clean Tech
EnergyBooster for more efficient drill hole technology. The technique is based on releasing air into the bottom of the borehole, which accelerates the heat transfer between the collector hose and its surroundings. EnergyBooster’s patented borehole technology increases efficiency while reducing the cost of a calculated peak power in a property. Both during installation and in running operation.


Ecoclime develops and sells heating and cooling comfort systems for office and hotel properties as well as schools. Systems that are highly flexible to install and energy efficient and provide a very comfortable indoor environment.




Wilhelmina Science Park
Evertech has developed and offers new energy systems with climate collectors for energy storage and recovery of seawater heat. Systems that can be used in hot water and heat supply real estate.




Swedish Innovators
JONAQ, a soundproof and time-saving vacuum cleaner system for both hotels and private households. The method reduces costs, contributes to cleaner air and improves the working environment.




Swedish Innovators
KGO is a new patented method for asphalt coating with dual durability. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving blend of filler in asphalt or concrete, for example in renovation / insulation of roofs. Tests have shown reduced energy consumption and improved quality. Patented and tested on the market.
Agreement with the Swedish Road Administration.